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Organic Beauty Products

Beauty products have come a long way since their conception. The idea of using external elements to make yourself more attractive can be traced back to ancient times. But for a long time now there seems to be one aspect that lingers in almost all beauty products. That is harmful additives. I am sure you have heard of stories where in the past they would use lead in makeup which was toxic when absorbed into the skin.

While not as blatant as that, even modern day beauty products can have some harmful additives that can be absorbed into your body. If you do not want these additives in your products, then there are alternatives for you. Organic Beauty Products exist that use all natural ingredients, without all the harmful artificial stuff.

When I say there are harmful additives, I do not necessarily mean it is toxic and can kill you. Although there are some concerns linking some of these chemicals with various diseases. But that aside, I am actually referring to more mundane things. For example, you might notice your skin is irritated after you apply certain products. Or that your hair is extremely frizzy right after a shower.

The reason Organic Beauty Products do not have these problems is because of their all natural ingredients. Some things, like that frizzy hair, is caused by sulfates stripping all the oil from your hair. However your hair needs at least a little oil, that is why it produces it. Organic shampoo does not strip all of it, just the excess oil, giving your hair a silky smooth feeling without you having to use external applications like conditioner or other products.

Similar holds true for other products, such as body lotions. They may contain chemicals your skin is sensitive to and that is why they might cause irritation. An organic version will not have these chemicals, and so it will not bother your skin.

While things like that are fairly minor, there are some more serious health concerns. It has been reported that your body can absorb up to 60% of the artificial chemicals in your typical beauty product. So all of these things are now sitting inside your body, messing up it’s internal balance. Not a comfortable thought, is it?

Even if you want to switch to Organic Beauty Products, there are some things you should take into consideration. Due to the fact that they lack the chemicals of normal beauty products, their effects may be slightly different. A prime example is organic shampoo does not have the foam you might be use to. It is working and getting your hair clean, but you might not feel like it is. So be prepared for that.

There is also the fact that they can tend to be a little pricier than normal beauty products simply because it takes a little more effort to make organic versions.

If these problems seem acceptable, than by all means you should make the switch to organic based products as it can do your body a world of good.


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