CATEGORY Health Can A Primary Care Physician Provide Back Pain Treatment?

Can A Primary Care Physician Provide Back Pain Treatment?

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Primary back doctor new jersey may and frequently treat back discomfort in general. Primary care doctors might recommend back pain drugs and physical therapy, enhancing available function. When “red flag” symptoms are present or if a patient is not initially improving in pain and process following a first course of drugs and proper physical therapy, the primary back pain doctor will send them to a spine specialist.

Primary care physicians can treat:

  • In rare or extreme cases, refer you to the nearest emergency room.
  • Recommend a spine specialist such as a physiatrist, surgeon, or pain medicine specialist.
  • Prescribe medication

Who are non-surgical back pain specialists?

Spine back pain specialists NJ, are not all surgeons, and you might discover after seeing your primary care doctor that surgery is not the best course of action for you. You must see a non-surgical spine specialist in this situation, such as a physiatrist, often known as a physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist, or a pain management doctor.


Physical therapists can help with both acute and persistent back pain. Physiatrists and back pain specialists new jersey are primarily medical professionals who concentrate on how a patient’s back affects their general quality of life. Instead of just treating pain to make it go away, treatment aims to improve discomfort so you can restore that function. Although physiatrists do not do surgery, they train alongside spine surgeons and physical therapists during their residency, allowing them to comprehend the numerous back pain therapy choices.

Pain medicine physician

Most back pain treatment NJ doctors specializing in pain management have a background in either physiatry or anesthesiology and complete a further year of fellowship training in the field. The goal of pain medicine is to treat pain from a variety of causes, as its name suggests.

A doctor of pain medicine can:

  • Prescribe and oversee the use of back pain drugs.
  • Provide customary spinal injections
  • Carry out more sophisticated treatments, like implanting pain pumps
  • Suggest physical therapy

You can be suggested to a radiologist and receive treatment for your back discomfort. Although some radiologists are trained to carry out numerous interventional spine treatments, their primary focus is on procedures rather than diagnosing and treating patients in a clinic.

Do all people have the same kind of back pain?

The causes of back pain typically vary from person to person. Therefore, no two people will respond to treatment similarly. However, everyone who experiences the pain feels it in their neck, shoulders, and spine. The sort of treatment that is most successful depends on the affected area. For instance, chiropractic care is an effective treatment for lower back pain.

Even though the technique has been deemed the most effective, results take time to manifest. Some people would require immediate relief from back pain, and the patient must seek the advice of a spinal consultant for this type of back pain treatment. During the process, observers are monitored closely, and painkillers may be provided as medication. Back pain is frequently linked to poor sleeping and sitting positions.


The above-provided details and information will help you learn some benefits regarding back pain specialists. For more valuable details and updates, please visit backpaindoctornj.com.


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